Erin Funk - Blue New Nodaway Humane Soceity

Finding passion through a pit

I think from a very young age my family could tell I was an animal lover. I had enough stuffed animals to open my own FAO Schwarz, but they also learned quickly I was very allergic to both cats and dogs. I grew up wanting a dog, a cat, a something that I could call my own and as I grew older it got harder and harder. I began taking allergy shots in 5th grade, I would dog sit for neighbors and pretty much secluded myself with my friends pets whenever I would be invited over for a sleep over. Every year when my birthday rolled around I had the same wish, a puppy. After 14 years of failed wishes, a miracle happened, we moved across the street from my friend Lindsay who just so happened to have Sammie, a hypoallergenic cavachon. That was it. Within a year my parents surprised me with a trip and soon I was picking out names and even though I still regard the day I brought Lilly  home as one of the best in my life so far, this post isn’t about her.

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Erin Funk

End of an era, opening of opportunity

Era, in this instance, meaning 18 years. That is 6570 days of wondering what am I going to learn, why there are letters in math, who cares what the capitol of Oregon is and in the summers, what color will my new trapper be? All very important things to worry about, but now that school is over and I am an official Alumnus of Northwest Missouri State I don’t have emergency yoga breathing before a Communication Law test.

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My First Job

There are 31 days that stand between me and opportunity. Since high school I, like most of my generation, have been programmed to work towards college and then a job. I have been researching, looking and applying. Reading, revising and critiquing. Excited, worried, hopeful and now I have decided that I am hiring.

That is right, I am now hiring a company to snatch me up for full time employment. Please refer to the job description below to see if your company is right for me!

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Behind every great man there’s a great woman

Today is supposed to honor past presidents’s and George’s birthday but that comes with a side effect of banks being closed and in reality it means nothing to most of us. So I am going to take the opportunity to share why it  means a little something to me, but if first lady’s aren’t your thing, go ahead and check out this awesome article about the guys in charge, The 5 Most Badass Presidents of All-Time, with a special shout out to number four.

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