My Favorite Instagram Accounts

I spend a lot of time on Instagram. I enjoy the photos, sometimes the captions but mainly the break from the same memes, political opinions and click bait that clogs the feeds of my other social media accounts. Because of this love for Instagram, I thought I would share some of my favorite accounts that make my short scenic breaks worth it every time.

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2016 Wedding Trends

As the creative director and marketing manager for Lost Hill Lake Events I try to stay in tune with trends. We provide a lot of decor for our couples so our staff has to know what is hot and what is not. With the new year, comes new trends, so after observing our 2015 season and reading some of the top wedding blogs out there I have come up 6 decor trends for 2016 and how LHLE can help implement them!

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2015 Book Review

At the beginning of the year I made a goal to read one book per month. I have never been very successful at keeping these promises but reading more was something that I really did want to start doing and this seemed like a reasonable way to keep me accountable.

I was doing really well; I had a strategy to read shorter books when the previous month took too long and longer books when I finished the previous one quickly. This went well until September and October came and I was busy with our wedding and honeymoon plans. I ended up reading 10 books this year which compared to the year before, is still a good accomplishment. Below are short reviews and my opinions on my 10 books of 2015.

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Spring Bloom Bash Style Shoot

On Saturday, April 18th I coordinated the first Lost Hill Lake Events, in-house style shoot. I recruited family and friends to roll up their sleeves to create a beautiful mock wedding to show off the amazing space and decor we have. Using the LHLE Pinterest page for inspiration, my team created an intimate ceremony area in the walnut grove, unique place cards and beautiful table arrangements! Here is the awesome team that helped me the vision to life:

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Resumes and Branding for Nonprofit Professionals

Finding a job can be a tough process. Whether you are a student or a seasoned professional, there is no exception and the nonprofit sector feels the same struggles.

Last month the Young Nonprofit Professional Network of St. Louis wanted to provide a job search workshop series to help prepare all individuals with a passion for nonprofits. As a member of the board and marketing committee I volunteered to share my knowledge on resumes and branding for two sessions. I have experience in both subjects and knew that this would be a great opportunity to teach others.

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