My Favorite Instagram Accounts

I spend a lot of time on Instagram. I enjoy the photos, sometimes the captions but mainly the break from the same memes, political opinions and click bait that clogs the feeds of my other social media accounts. Because of this love for Instagram, I thought I would share some of my favorite accounts that make my short scenic breaks worth it every time.

IMG_7903Dog Account: Noelani (@noelaniigI follow a lot of dogs, one cat and some zoos. There are more animals in my feed than people, so picking just two of these accounts was very hard for me. But, I have really good reasons for these two winners. Noelani has five, count ’em FIVE, beautiful babies and gives back to ‘bullies’ in every way possible. She fosters consistently, meaning there are likely six pups in her house at any given time. In addition to fostering, she has a business supporting Pitbull positive messaging and she is extremely down to earth. The images, captions, videos, etc. are funny, heartwarming, honest and educational. She posts multiple times a day and I never get tired of seeing their cute faces in my feed.

IMG_7892Dog Account: Jane and Piri (@jaeun2Jane is the mommy to one very special 16 year-old cocker spaniel, as well as the caretaker for Piri’s Place, their doggy daycare! Whether the photo is of Piri or another pup staying at their home, the images are always wonderful. Jane and Piri both have beautiful souls and I love seeing the adventures they go on as a family. Piri also has some health problems, being such a wonderful older man so learning how their family copes and makes decisions is something I enjoy reading and learning from.

IMG_7902Celebrity account: Reese Witherspoon (@reesewitherspoonCelebrity accounts can be disappointing. While one of my favorite pop queens is Britney, her photos can be interesting to say the least (please look at Britney’s page if you have any questions regarding that statement), but Reese’s page is just as perfect as she is. It is fun, happy and gorgeous. Reese does an amazing job at balancing behind the scenes looks into her life, glimpses of motherhood, throwbacks, promotions for her brand and just funny pictures that she finds on the internet (that she even sources correctly – major points for that). Reese really knows how to connect with her fans. One of my favorite occurrences are her #mondaymuse posts, where she highlights amazing women that inspire her.

IMG_7896Brand account: Saturday Night Live (@nbcsnlIn my battle of the brands; the top two choices were SNL and West Elm. While West Elm has beautiful photos, user generated content and delightful marketing, I had to go with Saturday Night Live. I love the SNL account for the behind the scenes, sneak peeks. I think I have only watched the show live, once or twice, which is why I think their Instagram page is great. Through out the week, they’ll show teasers, the host, musical guests and throwbacks. The account takes a ton of pictures during the actual Saturday show and I enjoy scrolling through them on my lazy Sunday mornings. The videos are just long enough for me to catch laughs, and I can always go look up the full skit if something truly intrigues me. I think it is a great way for this brand to connect with their audience who likes to go to bed at 9PM on a Saturday.

Photography account: Robin (@robinmay)
IMG_7924Instagram is about photography and sharing images. There are numerous photographers and random people (that take amazing photos) to follow, but narrowing down every day life to two wonderful women wasn’t hard. I have been following Robin for as long as I have had the app. She is an inspiring lady who even met her husband on the Instagram! She shares photos of her life and her dog Gracie, but my favorite part is her writing. Starting at pictures is fun, but when Robin writes a caption, she does it so well. Her images and words are better together than peanut butter and jelly.

IMG_7888Photography account: Cait (@photocaitAnother photographer I have found on Instagram is Cait. I found her page after visiting Maine and longing for more photos of the beautiful state. She is a professional photographer there, sharing her gorgeous wedding, lifestyle and magazine work, but also portraits of her pups, products she likes and of course, the landscape. I look forward to her refreshing snapshots of real life and daily occurrences as well as her professional pieces.

IMG_7912Design/Inspirational account: Casey Ligon (@caseyligonLooking at Instagram pictures can give you design ideas, color inspiration and graphic breakthroughs and I have two accounts that help me create those moments. First is the very talented Casey. She has a unique expertise in food art, calligraphy and chalkboard creations. I love seeing what she will make next and I encourage everyone to check out her inspiring artwork, even if chalk and food aren’t your choice of materials.

IMG_7891Design/Inspirational account: I have this thing with floors (@IhavethisthingwithfloorsThis account is a user generated which makes it unique and beautiful in it’s own way. Each picture contains a pair of cute shoes (normally) and pretty floor. The imagery, colors, graphics, places and even the different shoes are so fun to look at. There are no personal connections or amazing captions, but the variety of photos from around the world is fun and will help keep your creative juices flowing.

IMG_7907Another favorite account: Dallas Clayton (@DallasClayton) I didn’t give Dallas a category because none of them seemed like the right fit. Dallas has a wonderfully whimsical page full of drawings, poems and delightful designs that do more than make you smile, they make you realize that even though you are a grown up, life doesn’t have to be serious all the time. Dallas writes children’s books but for Instagram he creates daily reminders to stop, think about everything you have to be grateful for and be a little happier. It helps get me through the bad days and encourages me to keep my good days going. The small rhymes with imaginary creatures and encouraging statements probably aren’t for everyone, but for me, these doodles and dribbles make the world a little brighter.

Bonus: My favorite wedding account is Hello May Magazine (@hellomaymagazine)
As the Marketing Manager for Lost Hill Lake Events, it’s important for me to keep up with the wedding trends, but I try not to let it take over my life. Hello May is a magazine from down under, so the ideas and images offer a fresh perspective. Since the account is from a magazine, the photos are always beautiful and are accompanied by sourced information, making it easy for me to research or read more about anything awesome I see.

Let me know your thoughts:

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