#STLSocialGood Provides Nonprofits with Digital Solutions

Everyday thousands of nonprofits are typing tweets, snapping pictures and trying to get more likes. As professionals working in those nonprofits, we are continuing to adapt to the changing ways in we which communicate with donors, volunteers and advocates but each organization has to make the decision to devote time, money and resources to these new opportunities. Today, Saint Louis organizations and experts shared ways to make this easier for all of us.

Social Media Club of Saint Louis partnered with Ready  + Willing as well as sponsor, Fontbonne University to present the #STLSocialGood Conference. The event focused on social media, analytics, ROI and how to do more with less. The three sessions were each very informative but session one with Ashley Riley from Gateway Pets Guardians (@Gatewaypets) provided an exceptional overview of general ways to advance social media presence.

5 Tactics to Build Social Momentum – Presented by Ashley Riley

    1. Storytelling – Allow people to follow what you do throughout the entire process, ending with a success story.
    2. Photography – People want to see what’s happening, supported by the ever-growing popularity of visual platforms like Pinterest, Vine and Instagram.

  1. Engage the Media – Make sure to connect with news organizations that are sharing your stories. For example, comment on their Facebook page and thank them for their tweets.
  2. Controversy – Don’t be scared of it but try to make it work for you. When commenting on anything that could be controversial make sure to be informing people, not fighting.
  3. Educate your Fans – Once you create a trusting advocate group they will help you share and spread news, even defend you when needed.

Bonus advice just for reading the blog:

Implementing these five tools would be highly relevant to any nonprofit’s social strategy and over all marketing message. For more resources, commentary from the speakers and professional advice for your nonprofit, check out our Twitter and the hashtag used for the event #stlgoodconference.

– Originally written for and posted on ynpnstl.org

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