Erin Funk

Holiday Help for Furry Friends: Part 2

Last year, during the holiday season, I made an effort to not only buy presents for my family but donate money to some of my favorite animal organizations. In Part 1, I contributed to New Nodaway Humane SocietyThe Jane Goodall Institute and the World Wildlife Federation. All three are wonderful non-profits that are close to my heart but this year I have decided to offer a couple more organizations that could also use some extra love this holiday season.

  1. Since I graduated and moved, I knew that I needed another local animal shelter to start getting involved with. While settling into Saint Louis I started researching and came across, Stray Rescue of Saint Louis. The annual Strut Your Mutt event was coming up and Lilly and I needed to raise money for an organization, so we chose them. I attend the volunteer training and eventually got my first foster pup, through Stray Rescue. Their full vet clinic is amazing and they truly save lives off the street everyday. Be sure to like their Facebook to learn more about them. Erin Funk
  2. Most people don’t think to donate to the Saint Louis Zoo because they don’t realize it is a non-profit but it’s just a very successful and well loved organization. That does not mean they don’t need help from the public. It is free to visit which is amazing but obviously if you enjoyed the experience, which of course I did, you should donate! If you are ever visiting the city, make it a priority to stop here. They have really nice photography of their animals on their Facebook and they are always reminding you about their year around events.Erin Funk
  3. Since I am from Iowa, I can’t forget the biggest pet rescue in Des Moines. My tortoise, Hermione came from the Animal Rescue League of Iowa and they do amazing work in the city. They don’t only work with small house hold pets  but farm animals at a separate location. They have one of the best Facebook’s for an animal rescue that I have seen and the story that goes along with their cover photo right now is SO precious. They also have a great animal control page and a new Dogs of Des Moines page that features dogs and their humans out and around the city!Erin Funk
  4. Speaking of Strut Your Mutt, the annual, Best Friend’s Animal Society walk to raise money for local organizations is the biggest organization on my list this year. A lot of rumors go around regarding questionable spending and donation percentages from some of the big name, national pet rescues and it has always made me nervous and upset so I chose to support Best Friend’s instead. They are still national, but have a large headquarters in Utah that cares for small house hold pets, farm animals and some exotic animals. Plus they have one of my favorite logos! Check out their Facebook for more cute pictures.Erin Funk

Now you have four more ways to give back to the animals that give so much to us. I always try to share a little more during the holiday season but volunteering and donating through out the year is something I personally strive towards. You could even make it a New Year’s resolution to do more in 2014. I know I will be trying my best to help more furry friends next year!

Let me know your thoughts:

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