Shiny Object Syndrome, Part 3: 3 Ways to Avoid Social Marketing Bandwagons

Listening to the radio in the morning helps you get through traffic and expiration dates help you avoid eating moldy bread. There are a lot of modern conveniences to make our lives avoidable of problems. Now as B2B marketers you will learn three ways to avoid social marketing bandwagons and shiny new social tools.

  1. Social tools will not be the magic in your marketing fairytale. – Hopefully you have heard it before but if not: no new platform will answer all your marketing prayers, no matter how many analytics the villain of your story promises. Digital marketing tools will all need research, a trial and error process and most importantly, a strategy. Starting a new campaign on uncharted social territory is a great head start to connecting with clients, but don’t ruin your brand’s integrity by creating content that completely misses the point. Don’t waste your time or your employer’s money. Be patient. Take time to see what new digital marketing platforms will be the frog to your princess.
  2. Have a plan before clicking the sign up button. –A plan may sound complicated and time consuming and maybe your B2B doesn’t even know where to start? It can be easy as asking yourself the 5 W’s.
    1. Who are you talking to? Make sure that your audience is either currently on the tool or you are wasting time. What about new customers? Don’t take a social chance to gain recognition from people who won’t actually use your company.
    2. What is your message? Content is king. You can’t just have a business page and assume customers will follow. That is not how social works. Ask yourself: what can you say on this tool that you can’t on the current platforms you are using?
    3. Where is this going to benefit your business? Make sure you have clear goals set in your strategy as to how this will increase engagement, traffic or better yet, sales. Can’t find a way that it will help your new business? That is a good sign to skip the new site.
    4. When are the results coming? Don’t leave your boss or business waiting. If you jumped on the wagon and your goals aren’t being met, cut the cord. Not everything works every time and you don’t have to be ashamed, just make sure to be realistic with your time table when creating a strategy.
    5. Why? Similar to Where, this is important to ask in the beginning. Will this specific tool increase, create, assist or convey anything that can’t be done on another platform? Why seems like the simplest question but by reviewing it last you’ll be able to make sure that there is a purpose for the shiny new site calling your company’s name.
  3. Resources – Starting a new project and not assessing, the resources you will need from the beginning is a recipe for social disaster. A lot of times, in any size or type of company, the decision to join X social media is because other companies are or that there are potential or even current customers and you just need to be talking to them. Sound reasoning? Not so much. Which part of your company is going to own this new time commitment? You will have to find an employee to post, edit, monitor, create or participate in conversation and of course create a strategy. Make sure to consider your assets before the band wagon makes a stop at your B2B.

We have now covered the current best and worst social trends for B2B marketers and shared some tips to help tackle the future. You are now ready to go into the digital world and battle Shiny Object Syndrome!

What process does your company have before deciding whether or not to join a social platform? Have you seen any brands use a platform from the beginning and be successful?

– Originally written for and posted on Roundedcube’s Blog

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