Shiny Object Syndrome, Part 2: 3 Social Marketing Trends Your B2B Company Can Try

Movie premieres, car shows and product announcements broadcast live are all ways consumers celebrate shiny new things. In B2B it is harder to command the attention to the bright new beginnings. For marketers, the shiny new things are more and more social tools and since we went over which ones your B2B should stay away from, I also want to introduce three you might want to work into your digital strategies.

  1. Google + – The underdog of social platforms is finally moving towards the front of the pack. With its recent second birthday, the site has given every Google user a strong ultimatum. “Google has made you an offer you can’t refuse. If you ignore Google+, then Google search will ignore you. You’d be crazy to let that happen. Could your brand benefit from better search-engine rankings in Google?” B.L. Ochman, president of, states. And the answer is always yes. I know what you are thinking, ‘What the heck are these circles?’ But it’s in your B2B’s best interest to take the time to create a page, build a small network and post some content. Starting with blog posts would be a good strategy. Still need convincing to add one more platform? Google+ is now the second largest social network — right behind Facebook (693 million users) and gaining, according to Ochman’s Ad Age article.
  2. Company Hashtag – What better way to get clients, employees and partners talking about your B2B than giving them a conversation. Using a hashtag to promote an aspect of your business is a way to create that communication. Here at Roundedcube we are introducing our cultural hashtag #RClife!Follow along for a look into our company’s culture and what conversations it could create for your B2B. Another example of a company hashtag is #bsocial from Barkley, a Kansas City based Advertising Agency. The company and employees use the tag to tell what is happening as well as share information with each other. DISCLAIMER: Once you give the public a hashtag it can be used to say anything and you can’t control it, just contribute. There have been numerous incidents where the use of this powerful tool went wrong. Make sure to do your research and be positive that no alternative meanings could be interpreted from your innocent hashtag. At SXSW last year, a slushie party turned inappropriate when their promotional hashtag #tweetyourtongue was already used for NSFW content.
  3. Webinars – A web seminar is a great tool and if your B2B does it correctly it can be a promoted for a long time. For a company that has never produced a webinar it can be complicated, maybe even expensive if you pay for a service but it can also be extremely beneficial. For B2B’s interested in the idea check out this informational SlideShare from GoToWebinar. Still need convincing to get your voice out there? Webinars are personal selling tools that allow you to show your product, speak to your target audience and since its digital, measure success factors. Ideas to enhance webinars for experienced readers could be giving away a limited service, product and/or gift at the end. Another way to build it up is to ask a partner to be involved. We hosted our last webinar, Social 101: Leverage your Sitecore platform to go social, with our partner Telligent. It not only strengthens a relationship but shows clients what both B2B’s can do.

You are almost ready to master the Shiny Object Syndrome! Now that you have read which tools to be cautious about in Part 1 and which to embrace, in Part 3 we will teach you 3 easy ways to decipher through the wave of new social tools and help your B2B avoid the upcoming bandwagons.

What is a social tool your B2B is using with success? Have you ever witnessed a hashtag fail not listed? Share it with us!

– Originally written for and posted on Roundedcube’s Blog

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