Hey Whipple, Read This!

“If you want to go into advertising, you HAVE to read this book.” – Jacquie Lamer on ‘Hey Whipple Squeeze This’ A couple weeks ago I made the four hour round trip to Kansas City to meet the man that wrote the advertising bible.

When AdInk found out Luke Sullivan was coming to town for an AAF speaking event we all made it our mission to get there. We didn’t know when or where but we were going to make sure to be there. Two recent graduates, two seniors, two teachers (including Jacquie) and lots of Northwest alumni who are now working their way up the ad agency ladders in KC, all connected.

I have been to speakers that acted as if their book was a gift to Earth. I have been to speakers that are more than excited to be sharing their knowledge. Sullivan was the later, inspiring, insightful, intelligent and just plain funny. He was engaging and entertaining and allowed even a recent graduate to leave with new ideas and yet again a new appreciation for the advertising business. We each received a poster, Sullivan signed our books and spent time learning how long we each drove and what our majors were.

For a great recap of what Sullivan shared check out Brainzooming’s post. For another perspective from a recent alumnus, my friend Rachel Wood scooped me with her blog post about the event. She is an amazing woman and looking for a position as a media buyer, so check her out! For visuals of our fun time and to see what Sullivan wrote in my book, check out my photos.

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