Gone Fishing

“We have many social media accounts and we have little idea how to work them. Our club is looking for someone with experience with these sites to assist us in managing them. We were wondering if your club, AdInk, could help us out?” This was part of the email I received from the Northwest Fishing Club president asking for our help. With the skills of all the members in our group, I knew AdInk could do the job! So I assumed the role of account coordinator and started the process!

First, we had our client meeting, asking all kinds of questions to three members of the team. AdInk even had three new members attend our meeting that day, who jumped right into the process. Megan, Erin and Cynthia you guys were great and I am still surprised I didn’t scare you away by having you start the project during your first experience.

Our next AdInk meeting consisted of gathering our research and ideas. Each member was assigned to research all the social media outlets the group already had and their two competitors sites as well. They also had to come up with suggestions to better those social sites and ideas for an on and off campus event. A lot was discussed that day, but after hammering out the focus we divided into teams and created a goal.

Meg and Megan worked on the Website and Blog, building a mock site in WordPress to show the fishing club what combining their Google site and Blogger could look like. They also researched blog ideas and provided sample domain names.

I worked on the social media for the group, suggesting that they drop Pinterest and Flickr as a connection tool and instead use Facebook and Twitter to stay connect to group members, fans and sponsors. We provided sample posts and simplified what methods would get the most feedback.

Haley, Cynthia and Erin covered the events. First explaining how a kiddie pool could be turned into a social hub on or off campus and reasoning as to why it would work. Moving on to a larger event, Get hooked on Big Brothers Big Sisters, they suggested working with charities and get involved in the community.

Jakob finished up the presentation with sponsorships. Providing more ways that the club could connect and reach out to potential financial help through the three mediums we had already discussed.

We then rehearsed, revised and when the day came, provided gold fish for all the club members in attendance. After it was done, the fishing team seemed slightly overwhelmed but very excited and impressed. We even provided the group with help in the future. Meg and Megan volunteered to be interns, working with the team throughout the rest of this year and next to execute the ideas we proposed.

This experience was not only great to practice the skills we have obtained through courses, but also feel confident about our organization and the name we have created. Being asked to help another campus organization filled me with pride. Being able to watch the other students learn about their interests and their ideas grow was a great feeling as president. I am so proud of all our members that participated and their work. Check out photos and the final presentation below.

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