Watching Work Evolve

I did not design any of the work pictured below. I was not even part of the team that did. I was a predecessor and I could not be more proud.

Advanced Advertising Strategies is a course that is set up like an ad agency. Last semester, my team researched, designed and pitched our creative campaign to Mozingo Lake, the Maryville city council and the general public. But during winter break the city hired a designer to create a new logo, combining the work that I and the other creative team had done. When finding out about the new logo and seeing it for the first time I was hurt, even though I know not to get attached to my work. The new logo was typical and boring, but after winter break the game changed. Mozingo recruited the spring semester class to work with them again, for a re-opening event.

I sat at the front of the class the first day and told the new students, most of whom I already knew, what my experience was like. I told them I will understand when something doesn’t work, you can vent to me. I wished them good luck and explained that my class was rooting for them.

The students told me that during the first time meeting the client they stood up for my original creative design and questioned why there was a new logo. I felt so humbled that my fellow students respected the ideas of the first class and completely understood when they brought back the reasoning as to why the new logo would stay.

Through the semester I would watch the class and try to support them as much as possible. They were carrying out all the ideas we helped research for Mozingo and I was envious and as I stated before, proud. When peering over the shoulders of the designers, I was excited to see the fonts and influences of my ad designs appear in their work. When receiving the poster and the town newspapers, I was again reminded how much this class had worked on and how I had a tiny effect.

But when pulling up to Mozingo Lake Recreation Park last Saturday at the Grand Re-Opening Event and seeing the new signage, the new logo everywhere it could possibly be and the number of cars there, I was so happy to just know the students who pulled this together. Over 1,000 people came out to Mozingo for a day filled with activities, thanks to not only ads created by the class but organization, teamwork and a lot of time.

I have seen my work printed, win awards and hang on the wall but to know I was a  fractional part of this class and how great they did was truly an awesome feeling. Northwest, the faculty and students never seize to amaze me with the opportunities and talents. Thank you, spring Mozingo class for allowing me to be that crazy on looker.

Check out the Facebook page they used for more pictures and information about the event and lake!

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