Winning the Crown

Unfortunately, the crown I have had the honor of earning doesn’t get secured on top my head with two unstable bobby pins while my mascara runs down my face and I try to walk and wave at the same time. My experience for the crown was earned through 35 weekends spent eating fast food in a basement, hanging out with a group of great students all trying to get their music the loudest and making sure Photo Booth worked on every Mac available.

I began in student publications my freshman year of high school and grew to Editor-in-Chief of The Dragon, as a senior. I did the same in college, finding my niche, friends and work at Tower, growing to Editor-in-Chief as a junior. My time as EIC was a roller coaster of emotion, hard work, leadership and probably the proudest moment of my life, so far.

I have countless people to thank for helping me get to the position and another group to thank for getting me through. Without them and the amazing staff that chose to put up with me I would not have been able to do any of it.

The staff that I worked with was talented, professional and always full of the best ideas, with the work ethic to make it happen. We spent nights planning, days executing, hours editing and just minutes celebrating our work before the next deadline. We would go to the Union every Sunday morning for breakfast together and take breaks to learn dance moves from YouTube videos. We stayed in our cubicles with music in our ears when something wasn’t working and I even shed one or two tears when times were tough. But opening the first box of books is still one of the best things I have ever accomplished.

There are many 21 year old’s out there that have done more, but after working on a publication for more than 30 hours per week with the guidance and support of many wonderful people, a book becomes a baby and now that baby has won a national award.

Even though I know this does not even come close to everyone who helped me I have to say thank you to, Leslie Shipp, Olivia Schiefelbein, Laura Widmer, Erik Shrader, Allie Richard, Sasha Mulvihill, Herff Jones, Kevin Fullerton, Linda Puntney, Mara Wilson, Kari Kolts, Sarah Wayman and of course, my family.

Read more about the Silver Crown in the Northwest Press Release and see my Photo Booth skills in the slideshow below.

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