When I grow up…

I want to make a commercial for the Super Bowl. I told my mom this when I was in middle school. My career passions have never really excelled into TV production but advertising has stuck with me.

But this isn’t about my varying wishes as a child (which were mostly about puppies) it’s about the Super Bowl. The biggest night in advertising. After pre-screening almost all the ads, watching them and the unreleased spots during the game and most of them again for a third time on YouTube for our AdInk event today, I have formulated and finalized my opinions on the main players.

After reading this article, For Super Bowl Advertisers: Does Life End at 50? I decided the ads have to apply to their target market, which they should do anyway. I also included these three factors:

  • Recall for the brand, I don’t need to remember what happened, I need to know who paid.
  • Entertainment, making me feel something. Physically laughing, smiling or crying.
  • Effectiveness, do I really want to go follow you on Twitter?

The winner of the humorous spot was Oreo and this, Breaking Down Oreo’s Four Million Dollar Instagram Super Bowl will convince you why, if you didn’t see it for yourself.

  • Target – You can argue kids are the main age but I think cookies are more of an equal opportunity snack when it comes to age.
  • Entertainment – With the black out social media posts and the humorous TV spot (the only one to actually make me laugh out loud) they created a variety of emotions.
  • Recall – With a campaign that places two parts of the product against each other it is hard to forget what is being sold.
  • Effectiveness – Personally it worked on some level, I am now following them on Instagram but I have not run out to purchase the delicious double stuffed diet killers.

The winner of the serious spot was Budweiser. I am a sucker for animals but animals work. Especially baby ones.

  • Target – Bud fans of all ages go to fairs and parades just to see the famous horses. Using a timeless part of company identity helps expand the target.
  • Recall – Clydesdale’s are not part of another brand.
  • Entertainment – I cried. I will admit it. Even after watching it for the third time I felt it.
  • Effectiveness – Again I did not run out to buy a six pack but I know next time I am at the fair I will stop by the Bud tent, even if it is just to see the horses.

To see the results from our AdInk, Super Bowl Ad Review Party, check out our twitter. The lovely illustrations in the picture were provided by yours truly.