Holiday Help for Furry Friends

Most people who know me, know that I am a little obsessed with my puppy, Lilly and that stems from my passion for animals. So this holiday season instead of getting myself a present I decided to help animals in need and donate to non-profit organizations.

The first organization was the New Nodaway Humane Society, where I am the Marketing Intern. We are currently having a fundraiser called “Light up an animal’s life for the Holidays” that I integrated into their Facebook. Each $10 donation turns on a bulb that is currently hanging outside the shelter. So in honor of Lilly, there is now a bulb shining bright and more money for the homeless, loving animals in Maryville.

The second donation I made was becoming a member of the organization behind one of the many women I admire. The Jane Goodall Institute. Jane has been an inspiration of mine since I can remember learning about her for the first time and I have always dreamed of meeting her. The work that the institute does is amazing including saving the great apes, the environment that they live in and educating people.

My last donation went to helping animals that are endangered or threatened. At the World Wildlife Federation 85 cents of every dollar goes directly to helping the animals and they offer great donation packages that include a stuffed animal of the endangered species you choose to adopt. There are a lot of choices for animals and I am having a hard time choosing which to help.