Brand Yo’self at AAF-KC Career Day

During an AdInk meeting at the beginning of the school year it was decided that we needed to help other students brand their personal identities. After marketing with our AdInk scarecrow Andy, we presented the program to Northwest students and were featured in the newspaper. One of our wonderful advisers, Jacquie Lamer then emailed the American Advertising Federation – Kansas City  and asked if we could help other students with our presentation at their annual Career Day.

After about 30 different keynote presentations, lots of hours practicing, a photo shoot, a Google Hangout practice with a wonderful young professional Meg Lubis and one round of cinny bunnies at our final practice, we did it! I am so proud of my team members, Haley Lewin, Britt Parker, Rachel Wood and Tim Gillissen. We were all nervous but confident and with smiles from the audience we soared through the presentation. I also need to thank my mom and grandma for being two of those smiles in the audience. They traveled three hours to watch me and have always been supportive. Northwest Missouri State also featured our presentation here.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible for us.

Under the slideshow journey of Brand Yo’self you can find our presentation.

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